Our products for export

Formulated from a base of virgin beeswax, the creams, salves, and moisturizers of Aromaterapia Mágica have served Ecuadorians in daily skincare protection for three generations.
The Aromaterapia Mágica products are 100% organic and artisanal, essential oils and flower waters distilled by hand, no bleaches used with our beeswax, and no petroleum-derrivative additives.
Ma’puma is a new Ecuadorian enterprise, founded on a guarantee of natural organics of the highest quality in all its aromatherapy products.
Unique for Ecuador, the Ma’puma products are certified to meet the international INCI standards for chemical-free cosmetic products.

Martha Elvira salve $12



Recommended therapy for extremely dry skin, skin allergies, and some cases of dermatitis and psoriasis. Contains virgin beeswax, palo santo, olive oil, rosewater, and essential oils, including melaleuca (tea tree oil), geranium, croton lechleri (dragon’s blood), and propolis.40ml


Angelina face cream $10

Angelina alta

Hydrates and naturally moisturizes the skin, protects against irritation from pollution, mediates facial lines. Based on balsamic resin and palo santo, the cream has solar protection factor FPS15. 40ml


Carmelita baby cream $12

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Contains oil of sweet almonds, rose waters, and other essential oils that prevent chafing and inflammation from diapers. Does not contain zinc oxide. Also helps mothers recover from childbirth trauma and stretch marks. 40ml


Yerba Luisa insect repellent $10

Repelente orgánico

Immediate efficient action against mosquitos. A citronella oil base, with palo santo, rosemary and melaleuca. Moisturizes the skin and is delicately water resistant without blocking the pores. SPF15 – 65ml


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